Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Modes of Thinking

Linear Thinkers. Use if A then B logic.  They handle structured and known problems quickly an well. 

Spacial Thinkers. Look at the entire issue, analyze causes and options, to come up with the 'best' solution. They solve structured problems a bit slower, but can solve complex problems quicker than others. 

Chaotic Thinkers. Get distracted by some element of the issue and solve a different problem.  They are able to solve problems that have not been defined yet. 


A linear thinker walks into a dark room and flips on the light switch. 

A spacial thinker walks into a dark room and observes that it's dark, this may mean that the ligh bulb blew out, the power is out, or the light switch is off.   She takes a metal inventory of light bulbs and flashlights.  Then she flips on the light switch. 

A chaotic thinker walks into a dark room , it  reminds  him of his youth when he used to develop photographs ( old school) in a darkroom. He turns around gets his camera and takes some photos of local landscapes.    He later hangs the photos on a blank wall in the currently dark room. 

What kind of thinker are you?  

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