Sunday, October 28, 2012

Everyone is an Entrepreneur

I've had the opportunity to travel to Jamaica frequently over the past few years. I have found it a wonderful place with wonderful people.  If you are not familiar with Jamaica, it's a poor country with a socialist leaning government.   In order to survive, though, I've noticed there are lots of enterprising individuals who are entrepreneurs. There are the drivers, own vans to drive around tourists; there are the merchants who retail tourist 'trinkets' by the side of the road;  there are the craftsman-peddlers who sell custom carvings; and there are the boat captains who run tours. Most of these folks probably didn't  wake up saying "I want to be a entrepreneur", more likely they said "I want to eat."  None of them came up with blockbuster ideas, they just filled a need. They are not billionaires with public companies, but they make enough to survive and even grow their businesses. No one told these Jamaicans that they were or were not the right 'type' to run a business. Don't let the society tell you what you can and can't do, because if these folks can do it without benefit of formal business educations, venture capitalists, and government programs, so can you.

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