Sunday, October 21, 2012

Professional Development

I've been working in IT for more than 20 Years. I never intended to do the job I do. I graduated College in 1989 with Business Degree, with every intent of going into some type of sales, then business management. In fact, at that time there were very few degrees in IT outside of engineering. There were  fledgling MIS (Management Information Systems) programs, but what they were teaching never appealed to me.  I ended up in IT because of circumstances outside my control  and a knack for being able to figure out computers and programs.

But one thing that is obviously missing is formal education. For a long time, I figured that formal knowledge really wasn't that important ,as long as I could do my job. Recently, I've concluded that my knowledge is more spotty then I had imagined, And I have begun to to try to fill in the blanks. To be able to talk with my peers, I need not only to know how to do the job, but also the terminology.  Frequently, I have discovered, there are tools and methods that I wasn't aware of, that could have helped along the way, had I actually gone to a class on the subject sooner. I've worked hard recently on professional development,  because I need to fill in the holes.

Don't skimp on professional development, especially if you are a product of early days of IT. You may have a lot of experience, but there are most certainly holes in your knowledge.

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