Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fixing my fence, the ITIL way

I just finished ITIL Foundations training, and wanted to detail how I fixed a fence problem this morning in ITIL Terms:

  1. Event--> Dogs barking outside.
  2. Alert --> Dogs shouldn't be barking this early .
  3. Incident Created with service desk --> Dogs shouldn't be barking this early.
  4. Incident Troubleshooting Dog is outside the fence, Fence SLA violated ('5 Nines' Dog Containment)
  5. Incident Priority Critical.
  6. Transferred to Problem Management.
  7. Problem Management identifies a work around --> Put the the dog in the house.
  8. Problem Management communicate the work around to service desk to communicate to customer.
  9. Dog is put in the house.
  10. Since the Fence is a VBF and the SLA is being violated Problem Management convenes the ECAB
  11. Problem Management identifies the problem and suggests a solution  --> Fix the section of the fence that dog breached.
  12. The ECAB Approves the change and transfers it the Technical Operations.
  13. Technical Operations fixes the problem.
  14. The Change is noted in the CMDB (My Wife).
  15. The Service Desk is notified, they notify the customer.
  16. The dog is let back out.
  17. During Post incident review by CSI, it's noted that fence inspection should happen more often.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Does Microsoft Really Understand Tablets

Microsoft's Surface tablet is the company's attempt at re-defining their business in the wake of  the changes to the PC market caused by tablets and smart-phones. At first glance, the Surface is a nice piece of hardware with an innovative new operating system and some neat accessories. But, when I looked deeper I found two things that made me question whether Microsoft truly understands that the tablet market is about content consumption and communication.

First, there are no versions of the Surface with a cellular modem. If you use a tablet on the move you know that you need the Internet, without it your tablet is just a great way to play solitaire. You can't consume content without access to the internet  You can't update your status without access to the internet.

Second, a keyboard is sold as a recommend accessory. Laptops are for typing, tablets are for checking the news and  your social networks. Tablets are for typing short replies with the tablet in your hands not on a table.  Even the commercials show the Surface on a table looking like a little laptop. I've never seen a commercial for any other tablet (Android or Apple) where it was being used with a keyboard. Why, because they are not little laptops, they are content consumption and communication devices.

The Surface was designed to be showcase for the functionality of Windows RT, as such I have to assume that the design choices made by Microsoft were made very deliberately. Those choices show that Microsoft is still looking at the world through the model they find most comfortable -- the PC -- at their own peril.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekend Reads 11/2/12

Killing the Computer to Save It

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XML, Just Say No.

I don't like XML.  While its goal was to be be both machine readable and human readable, it does a poor job at both.  Its way to verbose. There are better alternatives like JSON  or just plain old text.