Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Hate Best Practices

Definition of Best: That which is the most excellent, outstanding, or desirable. (Google)

I don't hate the concept, just the term. Best implies that there is none better, and that therefore it should always be used.

So this means that we should all use this practice. (It would be stupid not to if is the best). Of course this would mean we would all be doing the same thing there would be no competitive advantage.

Besides is there really such thing as a singular best way to do anything ?  If there was, than we would never have to improve upon it. I do believe that leaches were a 'best practice' of medicine in the middle ages.

Ok, so all you Best Practice people are going to tell me "No that's not what we mean, we mean that these are good ideas to look at, to see if you can apply some or all of them to your situation."  So  you are saying  they are not the best. But I guess that good-ideas-to-look-at-to-see-if-you-can-apply-some-or-all-of-them-to-your-situation  practices is too long to put on a business card. They were best somewhere for some period of time so we will just call them Best Practices even if its inaccurate. Besides it will sell more consulting hours anyway.

Who needs clarity in communication.

Thank you Ted Neward (@tedneward) for helping me solidify this train of thought.

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