Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When to change

I  recently wrote a post on why an organization cannot rely solely on continuous improvement to ensure growth. While the article was long on theory it was short on practical advice. In order to rectify that oversight, I've made a list of some situations that might indicate its time for a radical change rather than business as usual.

It may be time to shake it up when: 

  1. Technology Changes.. It could be the technology you are using, selling, or your customers are using
  2. Market changes. Massive reduction or massive growth
  3. Resource Issues. Not enough space, not enough employees
  4. Macroeconomic Issues. Recession or  expansion of the economy
  5. Regulatory Issues. Something is illegal that used to be legal or vice-versa
  6. Competitive Issues. Lots of new competitors
  7. Stagnant Growth. You are not growing very much or at all
  8. Comfort. Everyone just seems a bit too comfortable and complacent

Hope this gives you food for thought.

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  1. Even the Wall Street Journal Agrees with me. :-)