Saturday, March 2, 2013

Top 5 Reasons why I would have done what Ms. Mayer did at Yahoo!

I don't have any particular interest in Yahoo! other then having an account in the past, nor do I know or have any connection the Ms. Mayer. I, however, feel the desire to provide some context to her decision to cancel the company's remote working program since she is in my dream job (saving a failing business), and this type of tempest-in-a-teapot creates great blog fodder.

Top 5 Reasons why I would have done what Ms. Mayer did at Yahoo!

5. Remote workers were not particularly productive.
4. Management was incapable of properly supervising remote workers.
3. Processes, procedures, and infrastructure were not in place to properly manage remote workers.
2. Company culture was complacent and resistant to change and needed to be shaken up.
1. I, as the CEO, needed to flex my muscles, so to speak, to 'motivate' employees to change.

Also, keep in mind that Yahoo! is in a somewhat dire situation and drastic actions may be necessary to fix it.

Problem Solved: Fixing a failing business.

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