Saturday, June 29, 2013

How much could you make balloon twisting

Every once in a while, I'll see someone dong something and wonder "how much do you think this person makes dong this?" It's  more of a mental exercise rather than a practical one, since I really don't know the business in question. 

Last week I went out to eat with my family at a local restaurant and there was a person walking making  balloon animals, with a button that said "I twist for tips".  How much could you make?

My assumptions (that may be wrong):
Average cost per balloon: $.06
Upfront balloon Investment: 500 balloons x .06 = $30.00
Balloon pump: $10.00
Button: $5.00
Pouch for supplies: $10.00
Average number of balloons per animal: 2
Average tip per animal: $1.00

Startup capital needed: $ 55.00 ( balloons,pump,pouch,button)
Average cost per baloon animal: $0.12 (two balloons)
Average revenue per baloon animal: $0.88

The profit
So if you worked for 4 hours, and made 8 balloons an hour, you  would make 32 balloons.
That would net you 28.16 in profit per day. ($0.88 x 32), or $6.52 per hour. 
If you did this Friday and Saturday 48 weeks a year you could make $2,511.36 per year (2 days x 48 weeks x $26.11 per day)

Good news: you break even on your third day. 
Bad news: you could make more per hour working at a fast food restaurant. 
It would be a much better deal if the restaurant paid you too, or you passed out cards promoting your other "balloon animals for parties" business. 

Problem solved: Making money twisting balloons.

Disclaimer: This post should not be used to make a decision about a balloon twisting business. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Starting the healing process

Problems, like wounds can fester. Frequently everyone involved with an issue quickly takes a 'defensive' posture, the wound abbesses, and then explodes. (Anyone with a cat that gets in fights has seen this). After the explosion, frequently, someone new comes in to clean up the mess. Early in my career, I had to take on the clean-up role. I found that the best way to sooth feelings and diffuse tension  was with this line: "I understand you are upset with this situation, but I can't fix what happened, all I can do is change things going forward." One you say this you better follow through, because it is just a start. 

Problem Solved: A new beginning.