Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Personal Rule-of-Thumb.

I frequently have to deal with requests from users.  Over time I've come up with a four part method of deciding if I should classify a request as  a 'project' and put it through the project management process, or  a 'task' that I can do without too much ceremony. After some creative brainstorming I even came up with an acronym. It's not a project if its SLIM

Short Time. It will take less than two hours.
Limited Parties. Not more than 2 other people involved.
No Process Impact. It won't change how an existing process  works (no training or user doc , etc)
Mostly Self Contained. It won't require a lot of interaction with other program and data flows, data in or out does not need to be changed.

What types of 'personal' rules-of-thumb do you have to organize your time ?

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