Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The future of desktops

Everyone is talking about the future of desktops. If you read the headlines you would assume that 5 years from now everyone will be using a tablet, and we will never see a desktop again. I think that assumption is a bit silly.  We will still have to go to work, sit at desks, and type things into  computers, Its a heck of a lot easier to do that with a keyboard, monitor, and mouse rather than a touch screen. The real question is what will the desktop itself (the hardware) be doing. Most likely it will be a platform for delivering cloud based technology. Your main system (which may be MS Windows) will be on a virtual machine, your web/cloud bases apps will be in a browser. You desktop PC will be  primarily a portal. Since its not doing much, you won't need tons of hardware, nor will you want to spend a fortune on an operating system. This is a great opportunity for Linux. For those of you who enjoy irony, imagine an office full of Linux desktops running VDI clients with MS Windows as the guest O/S.

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