Saturday, January 11, 2014

Why Managing IT Is So Challenging

In most (but not all) professional environments managers move up from the ranks of workers. Managers are familiar with with the jobs of the people they are managing. In IT, while a manager may have come up through the ranks, the technology and issues that their employees are dealing with  change radically in a short period of time so the manger is no longer in touch. Furthermore, systems are now so complex, that its not possible for a manager of multiple applications and functions to be able to even partially understand their operations.

So based on this assertion, one of the major roles of the IT manager is to be a central point for the business to make requests, and the technologists who are going to do the work to evaluate those requests.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Its always the cover-up not the crime that gets you

I frequently use this saying when watching public figures get in trouble. And, given the number of scandals that have been elevated to '-gate' status because of it, you'd think that people would learn by now to just "fess up".  Unfortunately in our jobs this is just as true in the public arena. How many times have you 'swept a problem under the rug', spent as much time covering up an issue as it would to just admit it and fix it.

If you are an employee -- admit it, fix-it, make changes to prevent it, and move on.  If you keep messing it up, no matter how well you cover it up, it will get out anyway.

If you are an employer --create an environment when your employees can do as I suggested.

Both employees and employers -- This does not mean that if there are perpetual issues they shouldn't be dealt with, everyone needs improve. Organizations don't stay in business if everyone isn't doing the their job.